From Edgy Ibis, 1 Year ago, written in Plain Text.
  10. I was a control freak for years and I was never a doormat. Since my choice has been to submit I feel I have softened but I still am learning. Having been a control freak it has taken me time to loosen my grip on things but when I have done it it feels much better.I will not ever be a doormat and I can speak for myself quite well and I know my husband likes that because it is part of who I am. However sometimes I step over the line and all he does is to give me "The Look", a word or a meeting time and I know exactly who is in control and it isn't me. Sometimes all he does is to put his hand on my shoulder to quietly remind me. I love how he loves me.
  12. I have a dear friend who many years ago wed and within hours she was involved in a terribly abusive marriage. It lasted several years because she felt it was her duty to remain in that relationship. Years later she met a wonderful man who adores her and they married recently and they are both very much in love. I enjoy it because I know where she had been and to know she is happier than she has ever been well, I am thrilled for her.