From Beefy Agouti, 1 Year ago, written in Plain Text.
  14. I don't know any women who go in for criticising their husbands, boyfriends etc in public to their faces, at any rate I've never heard anyone doing it. A certain amount of disccusion of their habits goes on among women I know, but it is just as likely to be positive as negative. Recently when I was waiting to collect my youngest son from school I heard another mother telling her friend that she was glad her husband only worked part-time, as it meant they got to spend more time together "We never get tired of each other's company" she said.
  16. If someone does criticise their man to me they usually have good reason to do so, as with my best friend who recently had a lot of aggro from her boyfriend about their new house, which he is absolutely fanatical about keeping immaculate. He is way over the top in his demands, and I had no inclination to disagree with her when she told me about the amount of grief he was giving her. I don't think I would ever disagree with a woman who criticised her own husband or boyfriend to me because how would I know what he's like to live with? she's in a better position to know what he's like than I am.
  18. I might disagree if I heard a woman making a blanket condemnation of all men, but even then it would depend on the circumstances. I know a number of single mothers who are struggling to get along without men, and when one of them says to me "men are a waste of space" I just smile, because what would be the point of saying "I don't think they're a waste of space" or "mine isn't", udner the circumstances, it would sound insufferably smug. If you have to get through life without a man, then seeing them as a waste of space is probably better than mourning the lack of one.
  20. Just about every CP magazine has it’s little contact section at the back always filled to the brim with gentlemen of all ages and sizes in search of what seems to be a very illusive thing – a young lady to spank. So why is it that there seems to be such a wealth of men interested in spanking and such a deficiency of women? Is it really the case that there are just far more men than women interested in the world of discipline and CP? �
  21. I’m a woman that has always been aroused by punishment scenes and have found many of my female friends as fascinated as myself. So if women are interested in CP, why aren’t they on the spanking scene? I intend to consider a number of different somewhat interlinked explanations and hopefully give an insight from a woman’s perspective.
  23. So ladies, this looks like evidence that Frank's right: go looking in the erotic CP (corporal punishment) community if you want to find a guy that's open to discipline.
  24. I hope this helps.