From Chartreuse Cassowary, 1 Year ago, written in Plain Text.
  12. It's like your moving analogy of the garden, those plants do not thrive by toughing it out and pretending they do not need the gardener. And in our close relationships that is intensely the case, but even in our small relationships like chatting and such there is some bit of that, that...impact. Focus is the only thing I find that helps, not denying the impact of those who judge you but at the same time focusing so much more on the sun, or the gardener, that your garden really needs, and opening most to that impact. And how I love what you said about our Savior ( I just love that word!), that "He is the only one who cherishes us completely, unselfishly and perfectly, always being motivated by what is the best for us. If only our responses could be equally perfect!"
  14. And our responses won't be equally perfect. Maybe that is why we are meant to be "giving back" from having been blessed rather than pretending we can give from a void. Maybe that is why the deepest comfort, despite the fear, can be admitting our vulnerability and need and weakness and not wearing a mask there anymore. It's pretty vulnerable to admit you need saving, need rescue, need a gardener. But how can your hero enter your fairy tale and rescue you if you pretend you don't need him with all your heart?
  16. I still feel the image that was behind the article. That of the couple on horseback, both riding upon his horse, with him leading the reins, and thus with him serving and her obeying. And now it is coupled with the image of that man as the wise gardener and that woman as the rose who admits she can only thrive through his (or His) loving protection, direction and care.
  18. I really do look forward to any writing you might do. And I'd love for us to exchange addresses to our online journal (blog) sites if you wanted (I don't want to post mine publically here, but perhaps we could exchange addresses through Sarah?)
  20. May you too "feel cherished and loved in all your relationships" Kristianna, and