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  11. So I'm single again. Once bitten twice shy? No, I guess not. I'm not ready for another relationship yet but when I am you might find my ad in the personals department of this site.
  13. by Amelia on 2005 Apr 13 - 13:46 | reply to this comment
  14. To Amelia
  15. Sorry your relationship came to a sticky end, it sou Lots of women are dominant or vanilla and that it is wonderful we live in a country where women can dominate in relationships if they choose to do so and to say all women need to be broken and dominated is just plain wrong. It makes me feel sad and cross. Women over the ages have been forced into submissive positions they do not like or want because people say their religion or God demands it or their culture does and for me that's a massive breach of their human rights and will not suit many of those women. So we have a first category of women who are naturally dominant or women who are straight/vanilla. And obviously some women are a bit dominant or a bit submissive or switch around.
  17. Second category are women who like to fight before they submit but they do enjoy the submission. Fine. I am not in that category either.
  19. Third category is me - always been submissive, being controlled and obeying being fairly easy with the right person - that doesn't make me boring for a dominant man (I manage my life, family, take decisions, have a successful career etc) but it does mean I need a man who likes that compliance. Thanks fully lots of naturally dominant men do like that and don't always want to fight for the submission and beat it out of her. Of course sometimes I might need to be made to obey but not in general.
  21. So the last comment above - why would you want to be taken in hand if you're not submissive - is exactly my view. The answer could be that you might believe it is God divined that women are to be in that position because your particular religion specifies that or because you think it makes relationships simpler or it's "natural" because you've studied lions in the wild or whatever, but I don't agree with that. Some women might have a language/preference problem with using the word submissive so they might use another phrase but I think it comes down to the same thing - submissive. A dominant woman (or man) would never want to be takeninhand except perhaps as an experiment so they could see how it feels.