From Idiotic Prairie Dog, 1 Year ago, written in Plain Text.
  14. I have a lot of compassion for those, alien or human, that can’t feel that there are “spirits in the trees and rocks”, as well as sacred essential male and female energies. I always thought Kahil Gibran came from a key place when he talked about how imagination can see the greater reality. Because I think that deep images are not only about relaying what is literal, they can also be more about soul language, a way to express what we intuitively sense--like the spiritual elements around us one might feel but not “see”. I personally can’t imagine a life without sensing things like the “spirits in the trees and rocks” as one that would feel very good at all, I think it would feel pretty empty and scary, as if God was just up there in the sky detached rather than also down here with us and around us.
  16. So if that was the aliens’ experience of things then I can understand why they left. Then again I am an INFJ, which are considered the “mystics” as their personality archetype. I’m guessing you are a vastly different personality type. I was sharing a quote from John Eldredge a bit ago about how maleness and femaleness reflects two different aspects of God’s heart. And that’s how I feel about archetypes, including the archetypes we reflect through our various deeper personalities/approaches to life, they each reflect a prism of God’s heart (when I say “we” I do not include the demonic there, or when humans are influenced thus and enter the realm of evil).
  18. From where I am standing, life without opening to the sacred on earth can drive even humans here over the edge, and often does, so I wouldn’t be surprised that without a sacred element embraced the aliens could run into this too. That edge of inner fear or despair we can find ourselves at then is just as invisible but real as the “spirits in the trees and rocks”, it’s that infamous “quiet desperation". Hopefully the aliens will find their right place, one compatible where they can open to the sacredness around them and feel they are not alone. I think God has many ways, and places, through which to reach us.