From Big Lizard, 1 Year ago, written in Plain Text.
  9. As of Monday it's been year since A Goddess in Love began.
  11. This also means that I turned another year older just the day before. It was my 34th birthday and as I have stated before, see New Year, Birthdays are my absolute favorite Holiday (this way, if I love enough people, it could mean cake every single day) so, celebrate (both loudly and quietly) I did.
  15. Only two months ago I was feeling Aging Angst for the very first time in my life. I just didn't feel ready to move on from 33 yet. This, having never happened to me before, was disconcerting.
  17. Perhaps it was advancing past the age of famous Deities (now my martyr complex really has to go.) Or maybe I was falling into the trap of the Should. Am I disappointed in where I am, compared to where I think I should be by this time in my life?
  19. It took me some moments of full immersion in the feeling to realize I just hadn't finished all the growing that a year, as potent as the last, has to offer.
  21. I resolved to pack all I had left to discover into the eight weeks still left to go. As usual, once the decision was made the pieces just fell right into place. Take the last year and put it into hyper drive and you get the basic picture.
  23. I've had a couple of epically short, fun and learning stuffed romances, embarked on a new career direction (an amalgamation of all the new and old things I love to do, all at the same time) and made a commitment to creating a new home town for myself.
  25. Not bad. In fact, amazing. I am excited beyond reason for what comes next.
  27. So here and now, on our Anniversary week, please join me in saying Goodbye to the old and Hello to the new.
  29. Goodbye to all my Heart's armor plating, the chain mail is too heavy for the Now.
  30. Goodbye to meditation on a pillow, hours at a time
  31. Goodbye to insisting on Love anywhere it is unwelcome and not received
  32. Goodbye to anxiety at the edge of the unknown and unknowable
  33. Goodbye to minimizing the feeling just to survive the situation
  34. Goodbye to not knowing where you end and I begin
  35. Goodbye to underestimating what I've got and where I am going
  36. Goodbye to the insidiousness of water, be you warm or cold, I want you where I can see you (my PNW friends know just what I mean ;-)
  38. Hello Horus
  39. Hello to an open road headed right back to Who I have always been
  40. Hello to being clear that my Heart finds the way forward - hands tied and blind folded
  41. Hello to learning more and more of whatever it is I still don't know
  42. Hello to Loving constantly, consistently, easily as a soft and pliable exterior
  43. Hello to Knowing deeply, faithfully, tenaciously as a strong and powerful interior
  44. Hello to my Life as meditation, as prayer, as offering
  45. Hello to feeling everything in it's fullest form, making the most of every situation
  46. Hello to enough Sun to keep the water in it's place
  48. I really could go on about the Hellos still to come. Only, we've got to save some things for the next 365 days.
  50. If you can find it within please, tell me, because I want to know, what your Hellos and Goodbyes might be...