From Putrid Agouti, 10 Months ago, written in Plain Text.
  15. This is not what relationships are about. Love and devotion don't hang on whether one is the most charismatic male in the room, and nice guys don't finish last with grown up women.
  17. I have thought long and hard about what attracts me to a man, and it isn't being the most charismatic man in the room. That's superficial. If he hasn't got the character and depth to back it up, he is just fool's gold.
  19. What really matters is what is inside a person when the yucky stuff hits the fan. Not how he can "make you behave," "take you in hand," etc. etc. That's great fantasy for when all is relatively well.
  21. The best man I ever knew stood by my side when I went through cancer..even though he was struggling with a terminal illness himself. He gave me the last of his strength and was my best moral support. Once or twice he put his foot down with me about an issue but our relationship didn't revolve around that.
  23. He risked his life to come out in a freezing rainstorm and be with me at the hospital when I was going to have a scary biopsy. Up until a few weeks before he died, he was on the phone with me every other day, cheering me up, making me laugh, and giving me his courage and his love...when he was the one who was dying.
  25. That's a REAL man. I don't know if he was alpha, beta, or omega according to some arbitrary chart. That's the kind of strength and courage I look up to and the kind of person I'd like to model myself after. All this other stuff about who can get women to fall into his bed the fastest, pales into insignificance beside what this friend meant to me.
  27. by a Taken In Hand reader on 2004 Sep 26 - 02:42 | reply to this comment
  28. Absolutely
  29. I quite agree that all that stuff about whether a man is alpha, beta, gamma, delta or whatever couldn't matter less, and I certainly wouldn't want the sort of man who was swaggering about pulling all these women (apart from anything else, fending off the competition would, I imagine, become very tiresome).
  31. I absolutely agree that kindness, consideration, support etc is far more important than all that stuff, but, if you are the sort of person who craves a Taken In Hand relationship, you do want something a bit more complex than pure kindness. A man doesn't have to be a conceited ass obsessed with having power over women in order to be able to make you behave, if that's what you want. If he's doing it out of love, rather than simply out of a desire to wield power over you, then it can be very nice.
  33. A man who can be both kind and dominant is very nice to have about the house, kindness and supportiveness, however nice it is, will not satisfy you completely if you hunger for something more.