From Anorexic Water Vole, 1 Year ago, written in Plain Text.
  12. What is under the expectation of a woman needing to serve, of her needing to give like a man by not staying in her female receptive core by heeding her comfort cues, is a very key harmful belief, one which is the key reason I see such harm in our PC ideals right now. And it is this, that female energy in and of itself is not worth anything, that she must be male-like and thus actively “imparting” (that’s male oriented energy) to be worth anything instead, that her feminine core of receptivity is not a gift in itself, that her femaleness is not a gift in itself, that she must “earn” the right to be cherished by being male-like and giving like a man and betraying her very core in the process. I can’t even imagine a more horrific view on female energy when you get down to it, yet that is exactly what we are surrounded with from every direction today, and exactly what I have sensed under many of the comments posted. A woman just being in her natural receptive female energy has been called here a “parasite”, “not contributing”, dot dot dot. It is only if she becomes more male-like and gives in the same sort of duty oriented rather than comfort cues oriented way that she is seen as worth anything. In other words she is only worth anything, when it comes down to it, if she can be male–like. Because just being female-like is not worth anything.
  14. Really, being in one’s female energy (and I mean JUST female energy, not forcing ones self to be male-like too) is just as deep a gift as being male energy is. Just because she is not “working” like a man, in or out of the home, and not imparting-oriented, does not mean she is not “contributing”.
  16. *It Is NOT only “giving” that contributes!*
  17. Please see the comment on a woman’s true contribution for more on this.