From Toxic Flamingo, 1 Year ago, written in Plain Text.
  14. Getting back to the dilemmas I faced with group game, how did I solve them? For starters, I approach groups of women (3-5 girls per group) very casually with a story or opinion opener (group friendly openers that don’t single out a specific girl). In other words, I’m not “hoe chasing”. I’m just creating casual conversation. Now the purpose of my opener isn’t to build any kind of attraction whatsoever. The true purpose of my opener is to scan and see if any of the girls are giving me any indicators that I am their type of guy.
  16. What indicators do I look for? While I’m telling my story or discussing their opinions, I’m looking for the girl that is giving me the deepest eye contact, contributing the most to the conversation, and smiling or laughing the most. After I figure this girl out THEN I will select her as my target and start stacking my actual routines. That is how I solved the issue I had with target selection in Mystery Method style game. With Mystery Method style game, you are selecting a target that may not be all that into you, while with Assanova style game, you are selecting the girl that is actually into you as your target.
  18. When you use my style of target selection, you are selecting the path of least resistance. This is very similar to how hunters behave in the wild. They don’t pursue the target that is going to give them a hard time; they pursue the target that offers an easy meal. Before anyone beats me to it, let’s talk about the possible drawbacks of my style of group game. There are two possible issues: you could get stuck with the unattractive girl, or none of the girls will be attracted to you.
  20. What are my solutions to the above? For one, only go into sets where all of the women are attractive. Men tend to think that women select men based solely on looks alone, and that isn’t the case. A girl will weigh in on you being her type as well. For instance, I could go into a set with one ugly girl, two cute girls, and one really hot girl. The ugly girl may not like me because I’m not her type (maybe she doesn’t like skinny guys at all), but the hot girl will fall hard for me because I fit the description of her ideal guy (maybe she absolutely loves guys with piercings and an edgy look).